via National Park Service

NC - Historic Outer Banks Structures to Be Demolished After 'Unrecoverable' Storm Damage

Rising sea levels and a series of relentless coastal storms are forcing Cape Lookout National Seashore to demolish six historic Outer Banks structures that are beyond repair.

The doomed buildings include homes and a fishing lodge in the abandoned Cape Village and Portsmouth Village settlements, which predate the national park by a century or more.

The structures range in age, with construction dates from 1915 to 1957, the park told McClatchy News.

"Regrettably, storms and rising sea-level have taken a toll on some of the historic structures," Cape Lookout officials said in a news release.

"During the last three years, unrecoverable damage has occurred. ... While these structures are representative of important parts of our history, they now pose a serious threat to visitors and will have to be demolished."

The buildings include: "Casablanca House (also known as the Baker-Holderness House, Cape Village); the Seltzer-Dawsey House (Cape Village); the Jetty Worker 1 House (Cape Village); the T.T. Potter House (Portsmouth Village); the Frank Gaskill House (Portsmouth Village); and the Battle Brothers Hunting and Fishing Lodge (Portsmouth Village)."

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