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NC - Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment to Start Last Week of January

EMERALD ISLE — The Emerald Isle beach nourishment project is officially set to begin the final week of January.

That was the word from Carteret County Shore Protection Office Manager Greg Rudolph after a preconstruction meeting Tuesday with town, state and federal officials, the contractor for the project and the county’s beach engineering firm.

The contractor, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. of Illinois, “plans to mobilize land- and water-based pipe, heavy equipment, personnel, etc. starting in December and dredging/pumping is scheduled to begin in the final week of January 2021,” Mr. Rudolph said in an email. “The ‘dog-leg’ (vehicular beach access ramp) near the Emerald Isle Eastern (Ocean) Regional Access will serve as the main point for staging … the land-based pipe.”

Two dredge boats will be involved in the project, which will place 2,012,850 cubic yards of sand in extreme western, western, central and extreme eastern Emerald Isle at a cost of $36.1 million.

“The dredge Liberty Island will arrive onsite first and will generally progress and ‘leapfrog’ west-to-east in central and east Emerald Isle,” Mr. Rudolph said. “At some point in mid-March the larger … dredge, the Ellis Island will accompany the Liberty Island and serve the (extreme western end of the project, closest to Bogue Inlet) and could subsequently stay onsite to help complete the project before the (Friday) April 30 environmental window closes for the sea turtle nesting season and other biological resources.”

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