via Carteret County Shore Protection Office

NC - Crews Set to Start on Beach Nourishment Project in Emerald Isle Thursday

After numerous delays because of coronavirus pandemic-related issues with the crews of the contractor, the massive Emerald Isle beach nourishment project is scheduled to begin Thursday.

Greg Rudolph, manager of the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, which oversees dredging and nourishment projects, said Wednesday the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. dredge vessel Liberty Island arrived in the county Monday and had been expected to start work Tuesday.

However, there was some welding work necessary, so the vessel is supposed to be at the sand borrow site in the ocean off Atlantic Beach late Thursday afternoon, then start hauling sand to Emerald Isle.

Dredge boats carry the sand to a submerged ocean pipeline, which delivers it to the beach to be spread by heavy equipment according to specifications developed by the county’s beach engineering firm, Moffatt & Nichol.

“Work should begin in earnest Thursday,” Mr. Rudolph said.

He also said construction is underway on an amphibious survey vehicle that will monitor all of the work to make sure the proper amounts of sand are placed in all locations during the project.

Trawling at the borrow site has already begun in order to safely remove and relocate any sea turtles that might be there, Mr. Rudolph said Wednesday. Trawling will continue in front of the dredge vessels throughout the project.

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