Wet sand spews onto the beach from a submerged pipeline last month in western Emerald Isle as other sand-transport pipes sit in the foreground. (Carteret County Shore Protection Office photo)

NC - Contractor completes $28.2M nourishment project, moves to dune planting

EMERALD ISLE — After more than a year of planning and nearly three months of work, the dredging-and-sand-spreading portion of the $28.2 million Bogue Banks beach nourishment project that began Feb. 8 is complete.

The Ellis Island, the largest-capacity hopper dredge boat in the fleet of contractor Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co., as well as in the entire U.S. dredge fleet, delivered its last load of sand from the borrow site in the ocean off Atlantic Beach to the Emerald Isle strand near the Land’s End development clubhouse at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Bulldozers immediately started spreading.

“It was a half load, actually,” Carteret County Shore Protection Office Manager Greg Rudolph said in an email to the News-Times Wednesday afternoon. That meant the vessel’s last load was about 7,500 cubic yards of wet sand.

“Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, Moffatt & Nichol (the county’s beach engineering firm), the (state and federal) resource agencies and our local government partners all did a fantastic job,” he added. “Great Lakes … overcame challenges associated with … Covid-19 precautions with 100% professionalism.”

The project put in 522,000 cubic yards of sand in Atlantic Beach, west of The Circle development district, 990,000 cubic yards in Pine Knoll Shores, 145,000 cubic yards at the Salter Path beach access site and 345,000 cubic yard in western Emerald Isle from Sea Dunes to the Land’s End.

That’s nearly 2 million cubic yards of sand along about 9.5 miles of beach. It’s roughly equivalent, Mr. Rudolph said, to 166,700 dump trucks of sand.

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