NC - Beach Nourishment Decisions Loom for Dare Commissioners

In January 2021, Dare County Board of Commissioners must decide how to fund existing beach nourishment commitments and add two more projects.

County manager Robert L. Outten presented the dilemma at the board’s Dec. 21 meeting.

Outten reported that “Avon has been struggling with beach nourishment issues,” such as keeping ocean water off NC 12 and protecting oceanfront and oceanside houses, existing from Avon Pier south to Askins Creek North Drive. The distance is about 8,000 feet.

Big storms have rushed ocean water under oceanfront and oceanside homes along Ocean View Drive and flooded NC 12 with deep ocean saltwater. Such events severely limit travel on Hatteras Island.

Dare County commissioned an Avon feasibility study about beach nourishment. Coastal Science and Engineering delivered the report dated November 2020.

A middle-term solution providing about five years of protection and beach restoration would require a million cubic yards of sand along 11,500 feet of Avon shoreline. If the project stands by itself, the estimated cost is $14 million. If the Avon project can be bid with the Buxton maintenance project scheduled for 2022, the estimated cost is $11.3 million. Estimated costs are plus or minus 15%.

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