Don Bowers / Island Free Press

NC - Avon Beach Nourishment FAQs – What to Know Ahead of the Feb. 24 Public Meeting

Dare County will hold a virtual public meeting to discuss the proposed beach nourishment project for Avon on Wednesday, February 24, at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting will serve as an opportunity for Avon property owners to weigh in on the proposed project, (and the corresponding tax increase), before a final decision on whether to move forward is made by county officials.

Dare County recently added a wealth of information on their website that covers the project details, including the proposed cost, timeframe, and estimated tax increase for property owners.

Per information from the county website, interviews with county officials, correspondence with property owners, and other resources, an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the project are listed below.

Why is an Avon beach nourishment project being considered?

The rate of erosion along the beaches of Avon has accelerated dramatically in the past few years, and particularly for the southern half of the village. The sand dunes along much of the beach in the Kinnakeet Shores area and beyond have been washed away, allowing the ocean to flood N.C. Highway 12 regularly, and make the highway impassable. In the past several years, this has occurred during hurricanes and nor’easters, but also during offshore storms, extreme high tides, and other less-severe weather events.

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