Myrtle Beach Insiders fund Institute for Responsible Development

A long list of City of Myrtle Beach elite, industry insiders are pooling $2 million in funds to create the Institute for Responsible Development.

Developers, development attorneys, and real estate companies are partnering with Professor Emeritus Eddie Dyer at Coastal Carolina University. The group will create a think tank to help combat what they consider false and harmful misinformation shared by Horry County citizens and citizen activists.

The group appears to have the full backing of Coastal Carolina University.

Ongoing messages will include the important economic impact the industry has on the local economy.

Establishment watchdogs for development?

The Institute for Responsible Development’s first aim is to stop or slow down the current Imagine 2040 comprehensive plan preferred by most residents in Horry County. Developers say the plan creates too many green spaces and handcuffs the industry from being able to develop responsibly.

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