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MX - Sargassum In Playa Del Carmen Will Exceed 2022 Levels, With Season Beginning In March

The shores of Cancun and the surrounding region may be practically sargassum-free at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that sargassum season isn’t approaching.

In a local report this week, it was announced that the sargassum levels in parts of the Mexican Caribbean will exceed last year’s levels. The update was released by the University of South Florida, and this is not the best news for travelers looking to enjoy a beach getaway. We’ve got all you need to know about the latest report and more in this post below.

Tropical mexican beach landscape panorama with clear turquoise blue water and seaweed sargazo in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

How Much Sargassum Is Expected In 2023?

In the news article, it was highlighted that the nearby beach getaway destination of Playa del Carmen will be hit the hardest by the smelly brown seaweed this year. According to the report, over 37,000 tons of sargassum arrived on the shores of Playa del Carmen in 2022. The amounts of sargassum were so vast, and we even reported back in September that authorities had done more cleaning up of the seaweed all year than they had at any point over the past six years.

“The numbers up to December 31st of last year are quite strong because we had a total of 37,500 tons of sargassum. This year we are preparing for an arrival that is just as intense or higher,” stated Lourdes Varguez Campo, the director of Zofemat. Translated, Zofemat is an acrocym which stands for Land Maritime Federal Zone, whose offices are in Cancun.

Authorities Preparing For Sargassum Clean Up With A Big Budget

There’s a budget set to deal with the sargassum once it inevitably washes up on the shores of the Riviera Maya, and this includes a clean up plan. Director Varguez explained in the report that they have already budgeted 40 million pesos for the collection and clean up of the sargassum for the upcoming season.

If you’re traveling in Playa del Carmen at the moment, you may notice some reddish-colored type of sargassum along the beach. Over the first two days of the new year, almost 5 tonnes of this red algae was collected by local authorities.

So, it’s safe to say that this clean up project will continue to be a huge endeavor in the years to come. It was even reported last month that new equipment will also be used to deal with the influx of sargassum in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding region this year.

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