MS/AL/FL - Video series shows how you can increase your community's resilience to future flooding

Sea-level rise and associated flood hazards increasingly put coastal communities across Alabama, Mississippi, and northwest Florida at risk. This project looks at what risks we face in this region as well as how Gulf Coast communities are preparing.

The Resilience to Future Flooding project showcases the inspiring work being done across the Gulf of Mexico through a series of short case study films, all under 5 minutes, which highlight Gulf communities undertaking various resilience projects associated with sea-level rise and related hazards. Each video contains local information about the highlighted resilience strategies and available resources for each state within the northern Gulf of Mexico (Mississippi, Alabama, and northwest Florida). Additionally, this project generated three sea-level rise informational videos specific to the northern Gulf of Mexico region. These videos cover basic information about sea-level rise in the northern Gulf, how sea-level rise will change storm surge, and information on how sea-level rise resilience can be integrated into planning. All of the films can be found at on the ‘Resilience to Future Flooding’ page. If you are interested in having an event with these films screened, please reach out to the Project Coordinator at 

Using these short films to inspire northern Gulf communities to undertake their own resilience projects to address sea-level rise and associated hazards, the Resilience to Future Flooding project further sought to reduce fiscal barriers for coastal northern Gulf communities to complete these projects. Also on the project web page, you can find short summaries and press releases about the funded projects. When the projects are completed (originally planned for late summer 2020, potentially delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic), video diaries of their process will be released.

See the full series here.