Momentum Continues to Build for NE Offshore Wind

BOSTON — The offshore wind industry is poised for a wave of growth in the Northeast with expanding solicitations, falling contract prices and increasingly competitive auctions for new project sites, Massachusetts officials and wind developers shared Wednesday.

“We’re seeing more action in the industry, and we’re seeing more projects being developed in the multiple lease areas that we have,” Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton said at a meeting of the Environmental Business Council of New England.

Beaton said he was excited to see New York expand its offshore wind target to 9,000 MW and joked that his state would now have to go for 50,000 MW. (See New York Boosts Zero-carbon, Renewable Goals.)

The state does want to solicit an additional 1,600 MW of offshore wind energy, and “we will be doing our additional procurement [800 MW] at least by June, and could be sooner,” Beaton said. (See Mass. Looks to Double Down on OSW, Clean Goals.)

The partial federal government shutdown forced James Bennett, chief of renewable energy at the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, to cancel his speech about federal oversight of offshore wind leasing and regulation, said meeting chair Michael Ernst, executive adviser at energy consultancy Power Advisory.

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