The Palm Beach Post


The Shore Protection Board in Palm Beach was scheduled to hear a proposal on Thursday, Jan. 24, to combat the erosion stretching from The Breakers to Midtown Beach, the Palm Beach Daily News reported Friday.

However, no such proposal was given, because the presentation was not ready.

Michal Jenkins, speaking on behalf of Applied Technology & Management, Palm Beach’s engineering consultant, told the board that coming up with a solution was taking longer than originally expected.

Jenkins said that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection suggested that that Applied Technology & Management form a technical advisory committee to review the consultant’s progress and provide input. This committee, Jenkins explained, while helpful, is slowing down the study.

“We are not left to our own devices to complete the work. We’re handing it off to others to review. And in that review we’re getting questions: ‘Hey, could you look at this? Could you look at this?’” Jenkins said. “So that has (increased) our scope.”

Director of Public Works Paul Brazil seemed concerned about the missed deadline. “The bottom line is we’re late…We’re not where we wanted to be.”

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