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Michigan's sturgeon season lasted just 78 minutes as Great Lake's population rebounds

(FOX 2) - More than 400 fisherman converged on Black Lake in Cheboygan County last weekend for sturgeon hunting season. It was over in 78 minutes. And that still wasn't a record for its shortest season.

“We've had faster seasons, (this year's) was no surprise,” said Dave Borgeson, a fisheries unit supervisor with the DNR. “With that number of anglers on the ice, with water clarity being what it was, it's not surprising at all.”

In 2017, the season only lasted 65 minutes. And in 2016, it was even shorter, only taking an hour.

The fisherman don't have a long time to harvest the fish. The Department of Natural Resources limits the season to only five days if anglers don't catch the year's established quota. And that quota isn't large either - capping out at six this year. Which begs the question, why do hundreds of people travel across the Great Lakes region to hunt a fish they probably won't catch?

Officials dedicated to the sturgeon's conservation say anglers' obsession with long-lived fish is rooted in tradition that extends across the state.

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