Great Lakes
Satellite image of the Great Lakes from space on April 24, 2000. (NASA)

MI - January 2020 was record-high month for Great Lakes water levels

Water levels 3 inches higher than January 2019

DETROIT – The January 2020 mean water levels on Lake Michigan-Huron and Lake Superior were three inches higher than the previous January record level, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported.

More high level records are expected in the coming months, with Lake Michigan-Huron (the combined waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron) predicted to break its monthly mean record-high levels every month from February to July by 4-7 inches.

  • Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior set new high-water records in January.
  • No records were set on lakes Erie or Ontario, but levels were much higher than average.
  • Water levels should remain high and might set more records over the next six months.
  • View: Great Lakes water levels for January 2020

Rising water levels have been an ongoing issue in Michigan, with the high water levels and storms causing beach erosion, flooding and damage to sea walls and roads. An October 2019 storm damaged the shorelinenear Spring Lake, Michigan and swept away 20 feet of sand dunes in the community.

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