The white substance, which appears to be remnants of dead fish, is accumulating in coves and on the rocks in the nearby area. (Chris O'Neill-Yates/CBC)

Meanwhile in Canada: No dead salmon numbers confirmed; photos not 'very pretty' but not the whole picture according to Gerry Byrne

The images of pink liquid flowing from boats are startling, but don't paint the whole picture of the effort to clean up a massive salmon die-off at a farming operation on Newfoundland's south coast, says the province's fisheries minister.

"Nope, it doesn't look very pretty at all, I can tell you that," says Gerry Byrne, who has not visited the site himself.

CBC News visited Fortune Bay last week, capturing underwater footage of the pink effluent. Fish began dying on Sept. 2 as the result of unusually high water temperatures at the Northern Harvest Sea Farms sites, a company owned by aquaculture giant Mowi.

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