Mavericks surf season is off to explosive start

Local surf fans were left scratching their heads when the Big Wave Tour announced it would not be holding the Mavericks Challenge surf contest this week, despite reports of large, dangerous surf poised to crash along the San Mateo County coastline.

Apparently, the massive sets rolled in late last week, with wave faces reported in the 60-foot range. Reports were that waves in the 20-foot range came in earlier this week.

“There was a lot of water in the waves. It wasn’t as big as we thought,” South Africa’s Grant Baker was quoted as saying by Marcus Sanders in a report. “Unfortunately, though, there was a light south wind all day, which made it really bumpy and scary to commit to one. It was similar in size to the 2010 swell, but that one was a lot cleaner,” said Baker, a former Mavericks champion.

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