Before COVID-19, people flocked to Marshfield Beaches / File photo by Chris Bernstein

MA - Shoreline Resiliency Project planned for Marshfield and Duxbury

The towns of Marshfield and Duxbury were awarded a grant in the fall of 2019 from Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, CZM, for the design and permitting of beach and dune nourishment projects at vulnerable locations along the towns’ east facing shorelines.

The proposed nourishment projects will improve shoreline resiliency by helping to maintain and improve the elevation and width of the existing beaches in order to strengthen the towns’ existing approach to management of the shoreline, which includes regular maintenance and repair of existing seawalls and revetments.

In addition to a scientific inventory of the existing conditions, the project will prioritize and evaluate the beach and dune nourishment sites based on effectiveness and costs/benefits of various options.

This project is a continuation of a previous CZM-funded project in the town of Marshfield that evaluated the feasibility of using sediment dredged from Green Harbor as a source for beach nourishment.

The town of Duxbury has been added as a partner to the project to facilitate a more comprehensive review.

The current project is carrying forward the public engagement process that took place with the Green Harbor project.

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