carbonate sands

MA - Scientists taking new measure of sand

We here at FishOn fear many things. We are on record of being afraid of robots, flying monkeys, ticks, bees and fear itself. We also have what many others have told us is a ridiculous phobia about eggs. But that's a column for another day.

One thing we're not afraid of is learning something new, which is really good because we enter most days with a tabula rasa of a mind and spend the rest of the day catching up.

And that brings us to sand.

According to a new study in the Nature journal, Scientific Reports, scientists around the world have spent decades using models that have measured sand incorrectly, providing an inaccurate portrait to the environmental state of coastal areas now subject to climate change.

The problem, apparently, is that not all sand grains are alike in their shape.

Two researchers, working at the University of Sydney in Australia, have come up with new engineering models that take differing shapes into account.

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