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MA - Sandwich Seeks Bids to Transport Bourne Sand to Town Neck

Sandwich is seeking bids from contractors that can move 15,000 to 18,000 cubic yards of donated sand from Bourne to Town Neck Beach.

The sand deposit is the second such gift from Bourne, which finds itself in the enviable position of having a surplus after completing a dredging project. Bourne gave Sandwich about 5,000 cubic yards of sand in 2018 after dredging a boating channel.

Sand transport bids must be submitted before January 6, 2021. Although the sand in 2018 was free, Sandwich had to pay almost $50,000 to have it delivered, deposited and graded.

Sandwich hopes to start the latest sand deposit and grading project by January 30 and have it completed before March 1 when the piping plovers return and new beach grass is planted, Sandwich Natural Resources Director David J. DeConto said.

Mr. DeConto said the sand will definitely help the rapidly eroding beaches, which have suffered this month from windstorms and a northeaster.

Sandwich Building Inspector Brendan W. Brides said Wednesday, December 23, that the town had tagged three homes on Salt Marsh Road as unstable.

“I don’t like to use the C-word [condemned], but two were undermined substantially and the foundation of the third is completely collapsed,” Mr. Brides said, referring to 110 Salt Marsh Road.

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