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MA - Plum Island Residents Say More Needs to Be Done to Combat Coastal Erosion During Storms

(WHDH) — Homeowners on Plum Island say more needs to be done to save the shore as flood waters cause coastal erosion during storms.

Coastal flooding accompanied a major winter storm Tuesday, leaving homes surrounded by water.

Lela Wright took cellphone video of the ocean waves knocking over 3,000-pound sandbags during high tide.

“I’m seriously concerned,” she said. “I’m watching the water wash the sand out from under my foundation.”

Wright fears that the damage coastal erosion has caused to her home may force her to find a new place to live.

“We’re at the point where we’re probably going to lose our house,” she said. “Our neighbors are probably going to lose their house. There’s nothing that can be done fast enough to save us.”

There are similar concerns in Sandwich, where houses have been repeatedly damaged during storms.

Michael Pottey, who lives on Salt Marsh Road, says he’s ready to go to the state to get protections similar to Plum Island.

“I intend to talk to the state about whether we can do hard solutions like Plum Island, with a barrier beach, similar to this. But as of now, they won’t allow that,” he said.

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