Courtesy photo/Mike Pentony, regional administrator for NOAA's Gloucester-based Greater Atlantic Regional Office.

MA - NOAA calls for monitors on all groundfish trips

The draft amendment to set at-sea monitoring coverages aboard all Northeast groundfish vessels has led an adventurous existence in the three years the New England Fishery Management Council has dedicated to developing the contentious measure.

There was last year's partial shutdown of the federal government that delayed the rule-setting process. The council, in March 2018, also chose to tap the brakes on the development of the measure — known as Amendment 23 — because it didn't believe the technical analyses associated with the measure were complete.

As late as last week, fishing stakeholders charged the council was working with insufficient data as it rushed to finally enact the draft management rule setting groundfish monitoring coverages in the Northeast multispecies groundfishery.  

So why should anything become simple now?

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