A front-end loader restores sand at Surf Drive Beach. GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE

MA - Falmouth Nourishes Depleted Beaches

Beach nourishment is underway at Surf Drive Beach and Menauhant Beach East. “After the October storm, we were given permission to nourish those beaches during the winter to save them for the spring time,” Beach Superintendent Bruce M. Mogardo said.

Surf Drive Beach was heavily damaged in the bomb cyclone. The beach lost sand at the kiddie pool and in front of the bath house. Two front-end loaders were nourishing Surf Drive Beach Thursday, January 30. The sand came from the pit, a storage area at the town’s composting facility on Blacksmith Shop Road.

“We’re hauling a lot of sand that has been stockpiled over the last seven or eight years at the pit on Surf Drive,” Mr. Mogardo said.

This sand is from several private dredging projects. If a private group’s dredge spoils are deemed suitable for beach nourishment, they are invited to stockpile them at the pit.

“We love the opportunity to put indigenous sand back on the beach,” Mr. Mogardo said. “The beach department is very grateful for any donations from private individuals.”

The town is also nourishing Menauhant Beach East with dredged material from Eel Pond.

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