Gulf of Mexico
LSU professor Brian Marks addressed a packed house. (AARON GONSOULIN, Daily Iberian)

Lousiana: Speaking accurate truths on coastal land loss

This past Tuesday, the Parkview Library along with the Smithsonian’s Water/Ways Exhibit, hosted a talk about the book “Bayou Farewell” and how it relates to today’s coastal erosion and its effect on the economic development of the area.

The library welcomed LSU professor Brian Marks as its guest speaker.

“He will be using in his discussion, ‘Bayou Farewell’ by Mike Tidwell, which discuss coastal land losses in Louisiana,” said Gail Garcia, a volunteer with the Jennerate Museum and project director for the Waterways project.

“Bayou Farewell,” according to Garcia, tells the story of a former New York journalist who made his way down to Cajun country to learn the ways of old traditions.

“He hopped and rode around on shrimp boats along the coast and he wanted to see our way of life and our culture,” Garcia said. “He was amazed by what he discovered when he came here.”

Garcia said that through Tidwell’s trek, he learned they were families of fisherman who passed down their traditions from one generation to another.

“What he found is because of the coast eroding, there are less traditions with fishing being passed down,” Garcia said. “So people who were used to being handed down the traditions, they aren’t able to earn a living now, which changes our culture quite a bit.”

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