Gulf of Mexico
In this file photo, sand is pumped out of a pipeline as part of a coastal restoration and protection project at Holly Beach.

Louisiana: More funds sought for coastal project | Editorials

Louisiana residents should be proud of how determined state and federal officials are in trying to secure more money to protect the already-damaged coastline.

Federal lawmakers who represent Louisiana are scrambling to get legislation approved that would provide Gulf Coast states with more dollars from oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico. Officials have said it is needed to afford critical coastal restoration and protection projects.

There's good reason for the urgency: funding for the federal government is set to expire Nov. 21.

Chip Kline, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority chairman, visited Washington, D.C., last week to lobby for the cause. Joining him were officials from local government and the private sector, all representing the Gulf Coast.

The issue lies with Louisiana and other Gulf states getting roughly 37.5 percent of funding from offshore drilling. At the same time, states that produce energy on land get 50 percent of the money earned.

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