Limited Public Beach Access: Destin Officials Seek to Buy Beach Front Properties

Destin, Fla. - In Okaloosa County, beach front property is a hot commodity. Many counties and cities are hustling to buy land for public beach access. Destin is now joining that search.

Most of Destin was built out decades ago, making it very difficult to obtain empty beach front property for public beach access. Destin's Mayor, Gary Jarvis, is looking for possible beach front parcels. He presented the Destin Council members with a list of properties available on the beach.

With their neighbors to the east in Walton County fighting customary use, Jarvis says, it's crucial to jump on buying the land as quickly as possible.

"The reason why I want prioritization on these properties, is because we may only get one of the the four. But, we need to start the grant writing process and this helps facilitate that," Gary Jarvis, Mayor of Destin.

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