Lavallette-Seaside & Ortley Beach Shorebeat

Lavallette Beach Replenishment Hits the Final Stretch: Take a Tour

New Jersey - Video of Weeks Marine's trailing hopper suction dredges "RN Weeks" and "MV Magdalen" work offshore to pumping sand ashore while support excavating machinery builds back the Lavallette Beach, in NJ.

It’s official: there are only a few blocks to go before Lavallette’s beaches are fully replenished – just in time for the 2019 beach season.

At Ortley Avenue, crews worked rapidly to pump sand from a boat offshore, collect it at the oceanfront and spread it across the beach berm. The dune line is also taking shape from south-to-north across town.

As of April 4, Ortley, White, Kerr, Bond and Guyer avenues were closed to public access. Two dredgers – the RN Weeks and Magdalen – are working simultaneously to pump sand ashore.

After the current area being replenished is complete, there will only be about four more blocks to go before the island-wide project is complete.

Following the completion of sand placement operations, additional work on dune crossovers and sand fencing is set to take place for a period of several weeks, officials said.

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