Largest waves in the world right now batter boats and offshore oil rigs in Newfoundland

Workers on an oil rig peered through dense fog and reported that the waves were cresting higher than 25 metres

Waves that were bigger than any other in the world on Thursday thrashed docked boats and threatened to damage buildings on the coast of Newfoundland as an unusually early severe storm bore down on the island on its way toward Europe and Africa.

The tallest waves in the storm were expected to surpass 15 metres, said Environment Canada meteorologist Dale Foote.

On land, furious winds measuring up to 160 km/h left swaths of Newfoundland without power, forcing schools to close and airports to cancel flights west to Halifax and Toronto. These winds generated waves that buffeted coastal fishing villages and the Grand Banks of Newfoundland south of the island.

“If it’s not the strongest storm on the planet today, it’s very close,” said meteorologist Bob Robichaud. “It’s certainly the biggest.”

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