Large wormlike pyrosome sea creature stuns New Zealand divers

A pair of divers captured amazing footage of a surprise encounter that left them “incredulous and elated” that such a creature existed.

A pair of divers swimming off the north coast of New Zealand couldn’t believe their luck when they came across a bizarre-looking giant worm measuring more than 8m long during a recent dive.

At first they weren’t quite sure what to make of it but they made sure to whip out the camera and record the strange sea creature as it moved through the water. The amazing video shows the hollow animal, which resembles a wind sock crossed with a pink pickle, slowly floating along at a depth of about 10m.

The footage was captured by Steve Hathaway, 56, and Andrew Buttle, 48, who were diving in the waters off the coast of Whakaari, an active stratovolcano on an island in New Zealand’s far north on October 25.

According to The Sun, the pair initially set out on the dive to record footage for the island which Mr Buttle inherited from his grandfather, when their focus was stolen by the unusual beast.

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