Land-Based Commercial Coral Farm A Blessing For Grand Bahama, Says Group

SAVE the Bays environmental group believe the development of a land-based commercial coral farm in Freeport by the conservation group Coral Vita is a blessing for Grand Bahama.

The group broke ground a week ago for construction of the facility that will grow coral in tanks for the restoration of dying coral reefs. It will be the first of a global network of coral farm.

Joseph Darville, chairman of Save the Bays, was among those who attended the ceremony held at the site in the Discovery Bay Subdivision. He told The Tribune the project brings hope to the rejuvenation of the country’s coral reefs.

“When we hear that already 90 percent of our coral reefs have been destroyed probably because of rising sea temperature, and we can see that these reefs can be regenerated and restored over a period of time, it gives us great hope for the continuation our marine ecosystem,” Mr Darville said.

Coral Vita will grow coral 50 times faster than in the natural environment.

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