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Cleveland19 - Lake Erie just set a new water level record; 'catastrophic erosion' imminent

Lake Erie just set a new water level record; ‘catastrophic erosion’ imminent

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Lake Erie is full.So full, it set a record for the month of May for having the highest average water level according to the Army Corp of Engineers out of Detroit.

In early May we reported this could happen and it has.

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“For Lake Erie, the monthly average was 574.30 feet which is a new record high for the month of May," according to Scudder Mackey from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Office of Coastal Management. “The new record is 0.25 feet (3 inches) higher than the previous record high of 574.05 feet set in 1986.”

The lake is reaching record levels because much of the ground surrounding the lake is at a saturation point and can’t take anymore rain.

“Coastal erosion and flooding are the two biggest concerns for ODNR at this time,” Mackey said. “Record high water levels on Lake Erie are causing low-lying coastal areas to be persistently flooded.”

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“Along the entire shoreline, the combination of high waters and waves, particularly during severe storm events, can result in increased or catastrophic erosion along the shoreline,” according to Jason Fallon, a spokesman for ODNR.

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