FL - Stuart closer to taking Army Corps of Engineers to court over Lake Okeechobee discharges

City commissioners and the dozens of people packing City Hall Monday evening agreed to "row the boat" toward a legal action against the Army Corps of Engineers.

The City Commission voted unanimously to pursue a lawsuit against the Army Corps for allegedly putting the environmental health of the St. Lucie River and the physical health of the people living around it at risk.

The initial draft of the lawsuit claims the Corps, by holding water in Lake Okeechobee during the current dry season, increases the risk of discharges of lake water during summer.

Those discharges, and the massive blue-green algae blooms they cause, can wreck the river's ecosystem, wipe out water-related businesses and cause health problems for people who have contact with the toxin-laden blooms or breathe the toxin-filled air around them.

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