LA - $9.4 billion plastics facility to be built on slave burial grounds, report says

Community activists in St. James Parish, Louisiana, are demanding land permits for a $9.4 billion plastics facility be revoked after archaeologists may have discovered the project is scheduled to be built atop several slave burial grounds, a report shows.

Organizers with RISE St. James provided a "comprehensive and detailed report" by Coastal Environments Inc. to the St. James Parish Council that shows FG LA LLC, better known as Formosa Plastics, has been aware since 2018 that the land set aside for the project is above as many as seven cemeteries that could contain hundreds of slaves.

Formosa Plastics didn't immediately respond to repeated requests for comment from ABC News.

"The enslaved people in these gravesites had no choice in where they lived, where they worked, where they died and where they were buried," said Sharon Lavigne of RISE St. James. "Our ancestors are crying out to us from their graves -- they are telling us to not let industry disturb their burial sites. Formosa Plastics did not inform the citizens of St. James or the parish council of the existence of the graves when they knew -- they don't care, they just want to profit from St. James Parish."

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