July 4th Tourism Craze at Panama City Beach

For many beach-tourism businesses impacted by Hurricane Michael, this July 4th is an important

It’s a busy week for Panama City with July 4th coming up.Tourists from all over the country are heading to the beach to celebrate.

Not only is there tons of people and traffic, but hopefully a lot of revenue coming into Panama City this week. This is a great way for companies to get back on their feet after Hurricane Michael.

One hotel on the beach says they are thankful to be back up and running for this special holiday. Philip Colvin, director of marketing for Holiday Inn said this is great for the city.

“Tourism is our industry, it’s what we do. it’s the majority of the tax base is tourism based. not to mention all of the people it employs and everything else. were very blessed to be open and operating.” said Colvin.

Many of the hotels down here are almost full and these owners are excited for the business.

“Were very excited obviously the 4th of July is the high point of the summer. It’s the biggest weekend of the year, the biggest week of the year. and it certainly dictates how the rest of your years going to be.” said Colvin.

Make sure to also be aware of the flags near the ocean as the beach will be overcrowded these next couple of days.

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