Judge denies injunction to stop groin on Sea Island spit

SEA ISLAND,, GA - A federal judge Monday denied a motion by the Altamaha Riverkeeper and One Hundred Miles to bring a preliminary injunction to halt the construction of a second groin on the Sea Island spit.

In his order, U.S. District Court Judge J. Randal Hall noted that a district court can only grant a preliminary injunction when the moving party shows that it has a “substantial likelihood of success on the merits,” that the moving parties “will suffer irreparable injury unless the injunction is issued,” that the injury to the moving parties outweighs possible injury to the opposing party, and that the injunction would not be a disservice to the public interest.

In its motion, the plaintiffs stated that the Army Corps of Engineers — in finding no significant impact of Sea Island’s actions in constructing the second groin and adding some 2.5 million cubic yards of sand to the beach — violated the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedure Act.

Hall ruled that the plaintiffs in this case didn’t meet any of the four prerequisites.

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