Pacific Northwest
Jordan Cove LNG and Pacific Connector Pipeline Project Route, source Pembina TC Energy

Jordan Cove LNG developers seek several fixes to FERC authorizations

Developers of the Jordan Cove LNG project are objecting to parts of the federal order approving the LNG export terminal in Coos Country, Oregon, and the related 229-mile Pacific Connector pipeline, including one requirement that could affect the timing of future contracts for the pipeline capacity in relation to LNG contracts.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission March 19 granted authorization to construct and operate the 7.8 million mt/year LNG export terminal under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act and as well as Section 7 certificate authorization for the pipeline.

Not surprisingly, the order has begun drawing rehearing requests from some opponents, including tribes who argued the historic preservation review was incomplete and that approval could not occur while a positive coastal zone management consistency determination was lacking.

The Natural Resources Defense Council also sought rehearing on multiple grounds saying, for instance, that public convenience and necessity were not demonstrated for a pipeline whose purpose was to export gas.

But, adding to that, Jordan Cove Energy Project and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline sought several corrections to the order that went in their favor.

One requested change aims to better synchronize the timing of offers toward the end of pipeline shippers' contract period with the realities of the LNG market.