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Jacobs replaces Gaullaudet as interim head of NOAA

Neil Jacobs, an atmospheric scientist, has taken the helm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), replacing Timothy Gallaudet in the interim leadership role, in case you missed it.

The change was revealed in an internal agency memo sent Feb. 25, in which Jacobs reportedly said the move was sought by Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, Naturemagazine reports.

NOAA, which is within the Department of Commerce and the parent agency of the US’ National Marine Fisheries Service, has been without a permanent leader since Donald Trump took office as president in January 2017. Trump nominated Barry Myers, the former chief executive of forecasting firm AccuWeather, to head NOAA in October 2017, but his nomination has languished in the Senate, due in part to concerns about conflicts of interest, Nature reported.

Though Myers resigned from AccuWeather and divested himself of his interests in the Pennsylvania company in January, his brother, Joel Myers, continues as president and chairman.

NMFS has been headed by Chris Oliver, a longtime former officer at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, since June 2017.  

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