It’s time Louisiana stops joking about its vital coastal choices

When speaking to non-Louisianians about the causes and possible solutions to my state’s coastal crisis I usually end up facing some embarrassing questions. Such as: Why do residents in the area most threatened by climate change elect politicians who fight against the carbon regulations that could help save them?

And why are some fishermen fighting against the state’s plans to rebuild the wetlands that produce their fish?

Since humor can sometimes ease the pain of self-criticism, I often find myself falling back on two classic jokes as a segue to the answers. The first involves a duck hunter who ignores limits, the other is about a farmer who has a pig with a peg leg.

I’ll start with the hunters’ story.

Bob and Sam were in their duck blind having a good outing when they both reached the limit. But when Sam stopped shooting, Bob continued to kill ducks.

Outraged, Sam yelled at his partner, “Hey, man, save a few for the next guy!”

But Bob, who kept shooting, replied, “The heck with the next guy. No one saved me any buffalo!”

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