Int'l - Deltares: Better projections of climate change impact

Sandy coastlines are wide spread across the globe. They evolve in time due to the supply and removal of sand, which makes them vulnerable to changes in their sand budget, said Deltares.

The presence of a coastal inlet along a coast adds complexity to these budget changes by either supplying sand or catching sand.

The combined effect of land-side and sea-side phenomena on the sand budget of the coastal inlet system has been studied by researchers from IHE Delft, Twente University and Deltares and are combined in a new model. The results were published this week in Scientific Reports.

Effects of climate change

Climate change is widely expected to lead to many noticeable changes in natural systems, both on land and in the ocean, and as early as mid-century.

For example, an increase in rainfall over land will not only increase the river flow, it will also increase the volume of sand carried by the river.

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