BOEM - A chart depicts proposed rights-of-way for Anbaric platforms and transmission lines to connect a number of wind farms from the Outer Continental Shelf to the mainland.

Interior Department Considers Cable Plan to Wire Ocean Floor for Wind Farms Off NJ-NY Coast

ATLANTIC COAST — As New Jersey and New York governors press for energy from giant wind turbines along the Atlantic coast and in the New York Bight, the question of how to best get the power to the shore has resulted in a call for public comment.

Anbaric Development Partners LLC has applied to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for a right-of-way to construct a New York and New Jersey Ocean Grid. According to the application, Ocean Grid is a proposed submarine system of cables approximately 185 nautical miles (213 statute miles) in length and including the construction of up to nine “offshore collector platforms,” or OCP. These platforms would distribute power generated from existing offshore wind leases to up to six onshore landings at locations from Long Island, N.Y., to Cardiff in Atlantic County, N.J.

The offshore transmission system would connect one or more high voltage subsea export cables handling 800 to 1,200 megawatts of energy to onshore points of interconnection.

Anbaric proposes to connect multiple offshore wind projects to transmission lines (like a very long underwater power strip) to accommodate phased wind development within BOEM’s Wind Energy Areas.

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A map of the area proposed and a copy of the application are available at

Additional comments and full transcriptions of comments can be found at, docket # BOEM-2018-0067.