Straits One. Credit: De Maas

In pictures: Offshore aquaculture projects back on track in China

Two of the world’s largest offshore aquaculture projects in construction are nearing the final stages of completion in China.

They are Straits One, a 140-meter-diameter pen designed by Dutch firm De Maas, and Havfarm 1, the world’s largest offshore aquaculture project being built for Norweigan salmon farmer Nordlaks.

Straits One was loaded onto a barge at Changhong International Shipyard in Zhoushan, east China last weekend, following a fit-out of nets. It is now en route to a location off the coast of Fujian province -- some 500 kilometers away -- for installation, De Maas told Undercurrent News on Thursday (March 26).

Havfarm 1 was recently undocked in Yantai, also in east China, for the erection of the final two diagonal girders. A timeline for the completion, final launch, and testing of onboard equipment is currently hard to estimate, said Nordlaks.

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