Spoils become new beaches in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown.

In Dredge Work, Edgartown Refines the Art of Moving Sand

The geomorphic processes of the Vineyard’s littoral belt are among the most varied and vigorous of any on Earth, with wave-generated turbulence reforming and eroding the Island’s 126-mile intertidal zone every year.

In other words, the Edgartown dredge has a lot of work to do.

This year, Edgartown plans to enter into a contract with neighboring Oak Bluffs to sell up to 16,000 cubic metres of sand dredged from Sengekontacket Pond. Oak Bluffs approved the measure at a recent special town meeting. The sand will be piled at a dewatering station by the Big Bridge along Beach Road and transported for coastal restoration to thinning public beaches on Sea View avenue and North Bluff. The work will take place this winter.

At $18 per cubic metre, that will lead to approximately $288,000 in revenue for the town of Edgartown. All for a big pile of ocean dirt.

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