How are the Boardmakers Coping?

They’re Small Businesses, and They’re as Grass-Roots as It Gets “Things WERE going amazing.”

Darren Handley exudes a dark chuckle. The owner of DHD and his team had just got through the hard work of resurrecting their operation from the fire that took out Handley’s main factory building three months ago.

They were feeling a bounce-back. Until. “It was really good up till Friday or Saturday,” Darren tells CW. “Then it just changed.” All their international orders went on hold, and Rip Curl — a significant board retailer — cancelled their pending order as well.

“At the moment it’s day by day,” says Darren. “But we’ll get through this, no problem. At least now everyone can take a holiday, there’s a lot of annual leave accrued (from the fire effort).”

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