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Mississippi River Bridge: The Horace Wilkinson Bridge over the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

High stakes for the climate in Louisiana elections

Anyone who has lived in Louisiana long enough has a story about watching the climate change. Whether or not they describe what they witness in those terms, those who have traversed the wetlands, tilled the fields, or waded through an oft-flooded street can tell that the conditions of life in this state are shifting, fast.

A recent poll conducted by the Restore the Mississippi River Delta shows that 96 percent of Louisiana voters think it is important for elected officials to prioritize addressing Louisiana’s coastal land loss crisis; 71 percent of those polled say they believe in climate change, and 50 percent say they see its effects today.

At the same time, Louisiana’s landscape of oil refineries and petrochemical plants is responsible for an enormous portion of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. In 2016, the state had more energy-related carbon dioxide emissions per-capita than all but four other states. Fifty-eight percent of those emissions came from the industrial sector—a greater share than any other state.

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