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HI - Who Was The First Woman To Surf Pipeline?

“It was a heavy thing. I felt like it was a milestone.”

Between the much-needed installment of a women’s CT event at Pipe, the budding prowess of the Ladybird generation, and the upcoming Vans Pipe Masters, female surfing has been defining progression of late.

The post-Covid era will likely be remembered as the moment that women’s heavy water surfing began rapidly evolving (either that or the return of Barney Rolls).

Of course, despite its increasing popularity, women surfing Pipe is nothing new. In their latest clip ‘Women Of Pipeline’, Vans goes deep on the history of Pipeline’s female pioneers.

The clip features interviews with Joyce Hoffman and Rochelle Ballard — Pipeline OGs — as well as chats with new-age excavators Coco Ho and Moana Jones-Wong. It’s a glimpse into surfing’s future disguised as a modern-history lesson.

Educate yourself.

The 2022 Vans Pipe Masters event window opens December 8-20th and you’ll be able to watch the live action and more at VansPipeMasters.com, Stabmag.com, and YouTube.

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