HI - Sailboats Finding Few Safe Harbors As Hawaiʻi Ports Lock Down

While many locations are looking to ease their COVID-19 restrictions – others are still on lockdown, including Hawaiʻi. This presents potentially dangerous challenges for those sailing the oceans in private boats.

Deep water sailing enthusiasts known as cruisers are a small and unique bunch of people. They sail through ever-changing ocean and weather conditions, relying on whatever supplies they got from their last stop and can get at their next one.

Due to COVID-19, popular port destinations such as French Polynesia and Australia went into lockdown, preventing the cruisers from getting essential provisions and supplies.

Liz and Steve Davis are the Hawaii port officers for the Ocean Cruising Club, a nonprofit helping cruisers get the resources they need. They say with little to no time to obtain provisions after turned away from other ports, many believe they have no choice but to come to Hawaiʻi.

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