Hawaii & Alaska
Jeremiah Klein

HI - Jeremiah Klein: An Oceanic Portfolio

A photographic celebration, captioned by Cliff Kapono

“Surfers are not divided by land; we are connected by water.” — Brian Keaulana. In honor of World Ocean Day, June 8th, we’re celebrating some of the many ways in which the ocean connects us as surfers by drawing together a special collection of features in, around and across our saltwater playgrounds. What do the oceans give us — and what do they need from us in return? Check ’em all out here.

Within the parameters of photojournalism, there’s really only one way to celebrate something as important and expansive and mysterious as the ocean. First, you gather images from the best lensman you know. Then, you show them to the smartest person you know. Then you keep your grubby mitts off everything and allow divine osmosis to do the rest.

For this installment of our seven-part celebration of World Oceans Day, Surfline’s photo editor-turned-chief senior staff photographer Jeremiah Klein let us raid his coveted Miah Files for this decidedly reverential photo essay. But we still needed someone sharp enough and experienced enough and ingrained enough to caption the thing — an intellectual renaissance man, if you will.

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