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HI - Hawaiʻi Climate Commission Endorses Tools for Sea Level Rise Planning

The Hawaiʻi Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission endorsed tools to operationalize climate action during its October meeting.

The tools are two guidance documents that supplement the recommendations of the state’s 2017 Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report.

These guidance documents, produced in support of the Commission’s Climate Ready Hawaiʻi Initiative, help state and county planners and government officials plan for growing impacts of sea level rise to communities, natural and cultural resources, and critical infrastructure.

The first document, Guidance for Addressing Sea Level Rise in Community Planning in Hawaiʻi, assists local government planners to “Integrate sea level rise adaptation plans and policies into state, county, and community plans.”  The guidance focuses on community planning as a critical entry point and public process to conduct locally-appropriate visioning and planning. It considers science-based information and adaptation actions to address coastal hazards with sea level rise as key considerations in making coastal communities more resilient and sustainable. The document includes recommended practices, examples, and resources to assist county and state government planners in addressing sea level rise and coastal hazards as part of existing planning frameworks.

The second document, Guidance for Using the Sea Level Rise Exposure Area in Local Planning and Permitting Decisions, was developed in response to requests from county planning departments and other stakeholders to provide further guidance on utilizing the Sea Level Rise Exposure Area (SLR-XA) in planning and permitting decisions while improving understanding of the methods, assumptions, and limitations of the data.

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