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Hanauma Bay has been closed since March 16—and that’s a good thing for the marine life. PHOTO: AARON K. YOSHINO

HI - Earth is on Vacation in Hawaiʻi Right Now

The upside of the statewide shutdown? Hawaiʻi’s beaches are getting the R&R they need.

There’s a New Normal in Hawaiʻi.

Visitors to the Islands are next to nil. Residents are staying home. And the beaches are empty.

On April 17, Hawaiʻi Gov. David Ige ordered the shutdown of all state beaches to help stop the spread of COVID-19. You can’t sit, stand, sunbathe or hang out at the beach. You can’t run or walk along the sand. The only thing you can do at the beach is walk across it to get to the ocean, which is still open for swimming, surfing, paddling and other water-related exercise.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on Oʻahu, however, has been entirely closed since March 16. You can’t access the beach at all, not even to enter the water.

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