Here's why sand project is underway south of Port Canaveral for second time in a year

As Port Canaveral's federally funded project to replenish sand on the beaches south of the port gets underway, some local residents are questioning why this project is being done now, when another sand project was done just a year ago.

But Port Canaveral Environmental Director Bob Musser says this winter's project and last winter's project are different — but will work well together.

The beach renourishment in the winter of 2017-18, constructed as part of the Brevard County Federal Shore Protection Project, repaired storm damage to the beach and dunes caused by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma in 2016 and 2017.

The just-started $18 million sand placement, constructed through the Canaveral Harbor Federal Sand Bypass Project, is a regular "maintenance" operation that periodically moves sand that has accumulated north of the inlet to the beach south of the inlet. This is required in order to maintain the beach in its normal condition, moving sand from north to south along the shoreline that is otherwise interrupted by the presence of the inlet channel and jetties.

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