Gulf of Alaska pollock TAC cut will almost offset hike in Bering Sea

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) approved a 25,001-metric-ton reduction in the Gulf of Alaska (GoA) pollock total allowable catch (TAC), which almost offsets the increase in the eastern Bering Sea.

For 2019, the TAC in the GoA will be 141,227t, compared to 166,228t in 2018. For Pacific cod, the GoA TAC for 2019 from the council is 12,368, down from 13,096t in 2018. On sablefish, the GoA TAC for 2019 from the council is 11,571t, up slightly from 11,505t in 2018. You can see all the TACs for the GoA below.

This comes after the NPFMC followed the advisory council recommendation in an increase of 33,000t in the eastern Bering Sea pollock TAC to 1,378,411t. In the Aleutian Islands, the TAC will be 19,000t, the same as in 2018.

For Pacific cod, the total TAC is being cut 20,000t to 181,000t. However, the TAC in federal waters is 166,476t for the Bering Sea and 14,214t for the Aleutian Islands, as a higher portion is going to the fishery in state waters.

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