Great Lakes to begin beach nourishment project Friday

EMERALD ISLE — Barring unforeseen circumstances, the long-planned $20.1 million beach nourishment project for eastern Emerald Isle, Indian Beach and Salter Path will begin Friday.

Greg Rudolph, manager of the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, said Tuesday that the Liberty Island, a Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. vessel, has been in Charleston, S.C., and is set to arrive in the county and get right to work sucking up sand from a “borrow” site about three miles off Atlantic Beach.

“The first submerged pipeline (to bring the sand to shore) has been installed and is ready for the Liberty Island to arrive … near Windward Dunes (in Indian Beach),” Mr. Rudolph said. “The second submerged pipeline is also scheduled to be installed near the Ocean Club (also in Indian Beach).”

According to Mr. Rudolph, an even larger Great Lakes dredge – the Ellis Island, the largest dredge in service in the United States – “will be arriving on site in late March or early April to accompany the Liberty Island.

“They will be flying down the beach then, and at least on paper, are scheduled to finish up … in Emerald Isle, and the project in total, roughly a week earlier than the (Tuesday) April 30 regulatory deadline,” Mr. Rudolph added. “That’s a week cushion (for Easter) weekend, which is encouraging.”

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